What is a Heritage brand and how we can help you grow it

What is a Heritage brand?

Simply put, a heritage brand is a brand that has been around for decades, it’s trusted and well-liked in its community. It also has a story that helps customers feel part of something and impacts their buying decisions too.

As consumers, we tend to stay loyal to a particular brand and return to it because their products are reliable and work for their intended purpose, or we just love the look and feel of something that’s worked for us in the past. But as a brand, it is important to expand your customer base and tap into new markets, social changes tying up generation gaps and look at what competitors are doing differently.

With over 2.4 billion social media users (and growing) it is important to ensure that brands grow as successfully online as they do offline.

For the most part, consumers of heritage brands fit into a similar category. These customers want good quality products that are also reliable which means the customer stays loyal. Because of this heritage brands often forget there are bigger and more fruitful markets out there! This is why, established and well known heritage brands aren’t on social media (or at least, aren’t using it correctly) missing out on new customers and marketing opportunities.

Brand Messages

Taking on the exact same messages you’ve always used to communicate brand values, brand promise and benefits of buying, with the company on every platform you visit is not a good idea, even though it might sound like one, if a brand does this it will be in effect putting new (and old) customers off wanting to shop there again!

So let’s take Instagram for example. Instagram is a fun, bubbly environment for brands to post lifestyle images, interactive content, and tell stories about themselves. It is also a great place to host competitions, increase awareness of the brand and even set up IG shopping to ultimately show off their brand and reach more customers. It’s also an excellent platform to share user generated content (it’s advertisement afterall), so make sure you’re utilising it in the best way you can.

For brands looking to grow and instil trust in a wider consumer market, they might find altering the brands overall message and staying on trend with social changes, targeted campaigns and so forth, the best move, which is something we can help with!

There are lots of ways to grow your brand, and the main thing to remember is ‘less is more’ and ‘stay relevant’ on social media, listen to trending hashtags, topics and keep up to date with competitors and similar brand demographics to your own.

Get things moving

If you would like some support implementing the above, we suggest a thorough audit of what you currently have in the way of socials, marketing plans and ideas and then take a look at areas that could require improvement. After the audit we will be able to help you build a social calendar which will help with planning for upcoming events, key dates and anything important that your brand might want to be seen talking about on social media.

As part of the audit we will take a look at what your competitors are doing on social media, and look at both successful and unsuccessful things to help support your social strategy, check your audiences and make sure you have the right demographics in place to grow your brand on channels that, before, maybe haven’t been used to their full advantage.

So if you’re currently wondering how to even start, then get in touch as we are here to help you and support the growth of your heritage brand.