Voodoo has been in the business of supporting businesses with digital issues for almost 20 years, and what we have learned over that time is that often the operational and practical day to day activities are not just hard for clients but for agencies to properly supply as well.

At Voodoo, we effectively distribute your digital content across all your social media platforms to engage with your current, former and future customers.  Using reporting and analysis to find out what works well and where we need to adjust campaigns. And we continually optimising so the results we achieve are always improving.

We help build communities and customer care, whilst ensuring you are left to concentrate on the bigger and more strategic tasks.

But we also happy help with strategic frameworks and content creation needs, from briefing creative and content agencies or through working with senior teams to better understand their social strategy for year or years to come, Voodoo supports its clients in ways that make a difference to them.

Discover the power of social media for your business, by giving the day to day over to our teams allowing you to concentrate on the direction and strategy required to properly grow your business.

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Key areas of support and management:

Channel Maintenance

Keeping your channels updated with cover images, profile icons, About Us, opening times, a tone of voice creation.

Post Management

Content planning, translations, team liaisons, sign off process, channel-specific loading and prep.

Customer Service Management

Monitoring of channels and hashtags/comments, handling initial consumer engagement, part of crisis management process, handling of initial response and transfer to internal customer service team

Community management

Engaging with the current fan base, the building of the fan base, monitoring other streams for hashtags/posts, using posts and post engagement to grow fan bases and to build scores for responsiveness etc

Influencer Management

identifying potential influencers, contacting them, creating relationship and contract, sending products and goods, ensuring user-generated content is created, managing them at events, sharing and cross-promotional opportunities are developed

Content Creation

Copywriting, photography, sourcing of images, videography for all platforms

Social Media Audit

Review of current platforms, and competitor analysis


Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting on performance

Social Media Support Pricing


  • Social Media Audit
  • Channel Management
  • Post Management
  • Customer Service – automated response
  • Standard reporting
  • Monthly report and meeting
  • Weekly status call


  • Social Media Audit
  • Channel Management
  • Post Management
  • Customer Servicer Management
  • Community Management
  • Influencer Program Management
  • Content Creation
  • Custom Reporting
  • Monthly reporting and meetings
  • Weekly Status calls