Site Management

Homepage changes, stats and analysis, monitoring of visits, sales, reporting, identifying opportunities, requirements and improvements for site

Product Management

Creating product images, descriptions, elements and details + related products, category structure 

Content Management

Banners, category-level content, landing pages, articles, product videos, tutorial videos, ‘how to’, customer support content

User Experience

How do customers flow through the site, ease of add to basket / check out, growth of add on sales, repeat visit verse new consumers

Content Planning & Creation

Planning the creation of digital assets for use across digital channels

Systems Analysis, Development & Usage

Full review of current process, build efficiencies, provide training and implementation

Sales Development & Channel Growth

Social As A Sales Tool

Build a business process for the management of social channels, and drive growth.

PPC, SEO & Affiliate Marketing

As a Google Partner, we can help you plan budgets, build Ad campaigns and drive sales

Email Marketing

Planning and implementation of internal or 3rd party tools, along with content as sales drivers