With the increasing demands digital growth has put on almost every industry and business, Voodoo has helped strategically support it’s clients not only with the practical answers needed to take advantage of digital, but also the consultative input often needed for businesses to truly imbed and understand the changes needed.

Our consultants come from a wide range of industry backgrounds and are experienced professionals who have all been client side and understand corporate structures, demands and requirements.

Voodoo Consultancy has a systematic approach to each key area we offer and a proven track record of results for growth and change to enable businesses to take advantage of digital challenges.

Strategy & Planning for Growth

Working with you to develop a strategy for company growth

Online Brand Building 

Full branding operations

E-commerce Consultancy 

Review of current processes, implementation of latest technologies to streamline business practices

Going Direct-to-Consumer 

Strategy and planning for going direct to consumer along with support on your current dealer programme

Monetising Social Media 

Budget planning, implementation across any channels and reporting

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing plans and implementation

Interim Board Level Management Services

Acting CMO/Marketing Director, team structuring, first 90 days