Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Voodoo’s marketing services team are a group of seasoned professionals who have been providing a wide range of client-based digital marketing services. Whether as part of an agency partner, or as an “in-house’ style service, we enable our clients to get their marketing visions implemented.

We are uniquely comfortable, and even flattered to be referred to as ‘doers’. Voodoo is the team that gets comms, ads, content and much more, done and out the door.

We’ve learnt over 20 years of marketing some of the world's best known brands, that the job of actually ensuring the strategy, the creative, the messaging and vision aren’t powerful unless you can accurately implement them! That requires an operational set of skills, whether it is scheduling, copy checking, making live changes, reporting or simply checking all the elements have been delivered.

Our team's mindset of ‘make it happen’ has been trusted by Global Brands and clients for decades.

From managing European and Global Profiles on LinkedIn, to managing a community and customer service requirements across a range of Social Media channels, our teams ensure that the delivery of services, support and communication strategies happens no matter the channel or audience type.

Increasingly we find our clients at the Global level need additional and practical support. Although the most senior marketeers in the organisation are strategy and vision rich, they are often the most time and resource poor.

We at Voodoo see it as our role to act as your marketing service team, that you can turn to with any essential action or support request and we will be able to provide the actions and help you.

This includes such things as creating assets and posting content to your channels, creating and operating Search Engine Advertising campaigns ensuring that the reporting on the monthly activities are provided and much more.

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  • Friendly & accommodating
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Skilled across the board
  • Adaptable to your needs
LinkedIn Management:

Elevate your professional presence with our expert LinkedIn Management services. We craft compelling profiles, curate engaging content, and foster meaningful connections to enhance your brand's visibility. So whether you’re after long-term growth, or short-term cover, we’re here for you.

Dive into the world of social media with Voodoo Ltd. Our experienced team is perfectly placed to maximise your social presence. We cover everything from content creation to targeted campaigns, ensuring that your brand resonates across various platforms, driving engagement and conversions.

Voodoo Ltd can be your perfect partner when it comes to revolutionising your Marketing Operations. From strategic planning and campaign execution, to data analytics and performance optimisation, our team ensures seamless, efficient, and results-driven marketing operations. Now is the perfect time to unleash the full potential of your brand

Dominate the digital landscape with Voodoo Ltd, taking advantage of our Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and E-commerce support. We are committed to propel your business forward by optimising your online visibility through targeted SEA campaigns and crafting seamless and secure E-commerce experiences. Our experts at Voodoo Ltd ensure your brand stays ahead of the curve.

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