From Omi-Channel to Social Media selling ...

We have a strong background working with both large and small retailers across the UK and Europe. Bringing them up to date with the latest trends and technologies to reach their consumers through omni-channel sales and marketing

Many of our team have been either Retailers themselves or work within Senior Management teams of the some the worlds most iconic retail brands. We try to ensure we help our clients realise the benefits and growth opportunities of digital and omni-channel routes.

Retail across the UK and Europe has never been more challenging with the ever-increasing needs to compete in a space being dominated by e-commerce and experiential stores and business models. The impact to Margins, Open to Buys, Logistics, Store ops and technology solutions has seen many of the industry’s biggest and solid names go to the wall and seen emerging and nibble businesses grow exponentially.

There has never been a better time to take advantage of the potential of digital for retail, whether it’s an e-commerce overhaul, the use of social to attract sales or e-CRM to better engage and keep existing customers. Voodoo is able to help you not only do this from a Strategic level but from an operational and practical one.

Our core areas within retail are:

  • Heritage
  • Luxury
  • Music

Retail Support Services

If you think you have a retail consultency need or a real need for support on growting your business, managing your e-commerce or communications, why not contact our consultancy team directly via the form below:

Our team

Amber Hills

Ecommerce and Social Media Operations Lead

Amber is an ecommerce and social media operations expert with over 15 years experience.…

Katherine Torrence

Consultant and Client Services Lead

Katherine is a strategic marketing professional with over 25 years experience who has d…