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Marketing Services at Voodoo Ltd

Welcome to the new Voodoo

We are an expert team of e-commerce and digital consultants and developers, here to transform your online presence with technology and lead innovation, driving your business forward.

Our purpose is to help businesses navigate through challenges, from ever-changing consumer demands and creating brand awareness, to driving growth through consistency and innovation.

At Voodoo, we have assisted our clients with e-commerce management, social media marketing, and technology services for more than 20 years, with clients hailing from the UK, Europe and the US.

We aim to identify problems, create solutions, and optimise your web pages and platforms to build an unmatched reputation that preserves your business’s heritage and brand message.

Our experienced and creative team is committed to helping you achieve your goals, which means working with you to improve your brand’s visibility and strength. Incorporating digital technology and online trends, we adopt a collaborative approach and deliver meaningful, results-driven solutions.

How We Can Help You

We deliver on our promise of brand-driven and scalable solutions tailored to your brand, business, and bottom line.

E-commerce Services

The latest research shows that the UK e-commerce industry is a rapidly growing sector, with sales from online retail accounting for over 30% of total retail sales in the UK. In 2030, the international e-commerce market is expected to reach $47.73 trillion, which means that businesses need to invest in competitive and brand-driven strategies to grow and achieve success.

Expand your business reach, enhance your visibility and accessibility, and connect with new customers.

As a specialised e-commerce consultancy, our services include product and catalogue management, marketing places, and the design of custom e-commerce websites. Based on our professional insights, we aim to create enriching experiences for your customers that deliver value while connecting them to your brand.

Through our e-commerce management practices, we streamline online sales while developing consumer-driven content.

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Marketing Services

Our team of seasoned professionals focuses on bringing your brand vision to life. We incorporate powerful brand messaging through search engine advertising, digital asset creation, creating and curating relevant content to your channels, and much more.

As your digital partner, we offer leading marketing services emphasising social media management, Google and Microsoft SEA, E-CRM, and tailored brand optimisation campaigns.

Our online marketing services establish customer loyalty through personalised content.

Technology Services

Rapidly evolving digital technology means that businesses must be prepared for change. Our core team of developers

We build and maintain brand-driven e-commerce platforms in addition to introducing the latest marketing tools and technology development.

Leave the technicalities to us so that you can focus on growing your business.

Using the latest marketing tools, we direct customers to your web pages. With seamless integration into popular shopping platforms, we introduce valuable and effective ways of boosting sales and driving traffic, ensuring that your customers find you.

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If you’re ready to transform your online business, reach out to our team for seamless, efficient, and results-driven marketing practices you can trust.