We are Digital Experts with traditional marketing experience. We understand first-hand the challenges businesses face in an increasingly digital world.

We have been the clients and change consultants working with global businesses – helping them to thrive in this evolving environment. We have facilitated the difficult transition for brands with global recognition and traditional offline expertise, to gain ongoing online success. We understand the requirement to sensitively strike the balance between changing to confront new challenges, while preserving and harnessing the best of a business’s heritage and strength.

Our history

  • 2001
  • 2002
    Launch of PHAROS E-commerce Platform
  • 2007
    Launch of Marketing Services
  • 2013
    First European Social Media Client
  • 2017
    First Global Client
  • 2019
    Launch of Support teams

2001 Founded

Voodoo was founded in November 2001 to help provide Businesses with a range of E-commerce solutions and services

2002 Launch of PHAROS

Voodoo built and launched its own large scale e-commerce platform that over 300 clients have since taken advantage of ..

2007 Launch of Marketing Services

We developed a range of marketing services that complemented the overall digital needs of our clients, which has grown year on year

2013 First European Social Media Client

With the growth of our Social Media team and services, we won our first Pan-European corporate client

2017 Global Client

Through our Marketing and Brand support, we were able to support Global Consultancy clients

2019 Operational Support

As Voodoo develops its services to better support it's clients across a range of industries, we have come to realise the need for us to provide practical, hands-on and in some cased interim support. We have officially this year launched a range of support and operational services for existing and new clients.

Our people

Nigel Hill
General Manager, Yamaha Music London
"Voodoo knew exactly what was possible and it greatly exceeded our expectations.  After their main structural work, we experienced great leaps in sales, and they continue to provide us with a wide range of marketing and operational guidance and support."
Natasha Adams
Former CMO, KodakIT
Voodoo understood that we needed to restart our socials immediately. They pulled out all the stops to get our content engine going and start engaging with our followers.