An Update on the Lock Icon

Moss Hills

Attention all Chrome browser users.

Google has just announced that it plans to get rid of the secure padlock icon in Chrome. It will be replaced with a new icon that makes it clearer to users that they should click it to adjust their security settings as required. This change is scheduled for September 2023, and #Voodoo has created a brief explanation of why, and what the benefits are to you, the user.

The current padlock icon does not mean that a site is trustworthy. It only means that the site loads over HTTPS, with a secure channel between the user’s browser and the site. Almost all phishing sites now use HTTPS, and therefore display the lock icon, which can mislead users into thinking the site is safe. Google is replacing the lock with a new icon, designed to encourage users to click it and easily control the browser’s access to camera, microphone, location, pop-ups, plus cookie settings and more.

This change is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to make the web a safer place for everyone by making it easier for users to understand and manage their online security. So, keep an eye out for the new icon in the coming months, and don’t forget to click on it to ensure that your online activities are secure.