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Flexing and blending consultancy, delivery, and technology, to tackle the essential digital outputs that drive business growth and change. From hands-on consultancy to day-to-day social media management, we care about helping you meet your goals.


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Unlock Your Brand's Potential with Our Comprehensive Marketing Solutions

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Embark on a journey of digital transformation with our Ecommerce Management and Services.

Social Media

Distribute your digital content across all your social media platforms to engage with your current, former and future customers

About our company

We made things easier for your business

From managing a Global Profile on LinkedIn, to managing a community and customer service requirement across a range of Social Media channels, our teams ensure that the delivery of services, support and communication strategies happens no matter the channel or audience type.

Businesses Growth
Marketing Solution
Operations led

When you need a team to quickly intergrate and get going

Digitally focused

Aligning operations with a digital perspective

Fast, Agile and adaptive

Our Missions:

Support clients with digital challenges, either strategically, practically or technologically. Ensure we provide the right results and the best outcomes for our clients, even if that means working ourselves out of the role or responsibility.
  • Support and improve performance
  • Inclusion and development
  • Complement digital with traditional
  • Solutions and guidance

Our Vision:

Making sure that digital solutions and services provide a positive impact to businesses, teams and people.  That it adds and facilitates, rather than replaces and reduces the ability to work, innovate and create.

  • Create Positive Impact
  • Sustainable and considered
  • Develop and Educate
  • Innovate and create

Our History:

Founded in 2001, Voodoo has been at the very start of the digital revolution in Retail, logistics, Socials and much more. We have been providing digital technology solutions, digital marketing and e-commerce support for over 20 years!

  • Founded in 2001
  • Launch Pharos2G platform
  • 2007 Launch marketing services
  • 2013 Global Social Media Client
  • 2017 Global Brand position Client
  • 2019 Launch Marketing Operations 

Digital transformation made easy

Grow your business and go D2C seamlessly



We help create strategies and plans that helps you understand the technology, teams, content and more so you can take on the challenges ahead. 



From marketing to e-commerce to technology changes, our teams can implement and operate at all levels.



Thanks to our operational and hands on expertise, we know that using Data analysis and agile project management can optimise existing workflows.



Our main goal will always be to support growth in your business. Through reviewing, analysing and implementing new growth opportunities develop.

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